Comprehensive Childbirth Education and Doula Services in Upst​ate SC

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q:   When would be the best time to attend this course?

A:    I encourage expectant mothers who are beginning their second

       trimester and beyond to start this series. Even if you are late into your 3rd trimester, it's

       not too late. The information will be fresh in your head at the time of your birth!

Q:   How many weeks are included in each series and what are the times?

A:   Typically, classes will meet for 4 consecutive weeks and will be held on either

      weekday evenings from 6-9pm or Sunday afternoons. Occasionally, there will be a

      change to this schedule and it will be reflected on the registration page of the website.


      Refresher courses are usually 3-hour sessions held on weekday evenings.

Q: Where will the classes be held?

A: I teach a series every month on Monday evenings at Greenville Midwifery Care:
35 Medical Ridge Drive,
Greenville, SC 29605.

Other locations and times will be posted on the website. Please inquire if
the posted times are not suitable for you. If you are a part of a group of expectant
moms who are interested in organizing your own series, please send me an email
and we can make arrangements.

Q: What should I bring with me to the classes?

A:  Please dress comfortably. Bring a pillow and a blanket for relaxation exercises.

     We will take stretch breaks and I encourage you to bring food, drink and anything

     else that will help make you comfortable - this is all about you!


I had so many questions when I was going through this process.         

Please, don't hesitate to ask if you do too!

I'm happy to answer.