Comprehensive Childbirth Education and Doula Services in Upst​ate SC

What are people saying about my course and doula practice?

Thank yo so much for being a part of this special time in our lives! We learned so much and we both feel more prepared to get through labor. - Alicia, January 2020

It was an amazing class. I thought I was pretty informed but this left me with more information than I ever realized I needed! Keep it up! - Kelsey, December 2019

We loved the class, Jen is amazing! - Camila, December 2019

This class was just what my husband and I needed! Going into my first childbirth experience, there are so many unknowns and I have always feared going through childbirth. But, I have to say that I now feel prepared to handle labor and delivery (as ready as I'll ever be!). My husband and I talked about how perfect this class was for us, thank you so much Jen! - Suzanna, December 2019

It was an amazing class for birth goals of any kind. Detailed and thorough, I feel way more prepared and confident now than before. I thought the relaxation techniques and contraction positions were super helpful. Also, the attention given to the partners about their role was great. - Kaitlyn, December 2019

Tons of helpful, actionable information to help us mentally and physically prepare for the birthing process. We feel like we have a much better grasp of what to expect going in, and will therefore be better equipped to have an unmedicated birth. We have already recommended you via our blog! - Aaron, September 2019

THANK YOU SO MUCH! We were debating taking class and we are SO glad we did!! - Kara, May 2019

You are in your calling, Jen! - Brennan, February 2019

The class was great! Thank you for putting so much hard work into it and making us feel comfortable and supported. I will most certainly recommend this class to other friends looking for childbirth classes. - Amanda, January 2019

"I loved how open Jen was about the birthing process. She answered all of the questions we had. The session I enjoyed most was the nursing sesssion. I felt I learned a lot of things I had not heard about life after birth and the entire nursing process." - Kristen, August 2018

"Overall, I think you are a wonderful birthing class teacher and I would recommend you to anyone!" - Katie, August 2018

"The entire class was amazing! I really appreciated the organization of topics and the variation in the ways you went over everything (interactive items, whiteboard lists, group readings, videos, etc.). Along with that, your positive and fun attitude really made the class special and easy to learn from." - Lindsay, June 2018

"I enjoyed that the class was so relaxed, that anyone could ask a question about anything and not be judged for it. This atmosphere was really conducive to helping you squeeze everything out of the course that you wanted to." - Stephen, June 2018

"I loved how open the atmosphere was! I felt very comfortable to speak up when I did have something to add/ask. You were very careful not to sound judgmental of different opinions/approaches to childbirth. I came away with a more open view toward some things than I came with, which was a bit of a relief. I was very sad when the class ended! Thank you for everything! :)" - Elizabeth, May 2018

"Jen's sweet nature, knowledge and the ability to practice what we were learning.The class is very thorough and helped me relax as I prepared for delivery and my new role as a mom." - Geri, January 2018

"So much great information. You learn a whole lot about the whole birth miracle. I did not know much at all before the class began. I feel a lot more prepared now after taking the class. And I loved the relaxed atmosphere." - Landon, November 2017

"The class was upbeat and comfortable. Jenn did a great job keeping the class engaged and providing succinct, but effective coverage of topics related to the birth journey." - Jon, July 2017

"I really learned a lot about nursing, although I took a breastfeeding class prior to the Lamaze class... there were things I learned from Jen that I did not learn in the breastfeeding class. For example, the milk comes out more than one place on the nipple. News to me! I feel as though time was devoted perfectly fine to each topic." - Chelsea, April 2017

"I very much appreciated the safe, positive and non-judgemental environment you created. I felt like I also had pretty much all my questions related to child birth and labor answered as we went along." - Kim, March 2017

"I enjoyed the class very much and appreciate all your honesty and insight as well as your joy about the birth experience. Also- I greatly appreciated (and so did my husband) the time you took to help teach birth partners how to help. Before the class my husband was thinking he'd be in the way or simply watching as a glorified water boy getting me things I needed, but you made us feel like a team and like he was such an integral part of the birth that we feel more confident together." - Kim, February 2017

"Thank you for helping me feel confident in my ability to deliver safely and naturally. I felt very empowered and in control of my labor because of the information I learned in your class." - Katie, November 2016

"My husband and I looked forward to birth class every week! We really enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks a ton Jen!" - Lauren, November 2016

Thanks, Jen, for your dedication! We feel so much more prepared for our first birth and - for the first time - I'm looking forward to the actual labor and delivery process. - Sarah, October 2016

"I couldn't be any happier about the childbirth class we chose! You did a great job including our birth partners and helping them be involved. You were so experienced and had so much to share- I felt like I was just trying to soak up as much as I could in our sessions. I will definitely be recommending this class to others!" -Sara, August 2016

"We enjoyed your class so much! This being our third pregnancy, we still learned so many new things. You are such an incredible teacher. So positive and honest, which we loved. Nothing sugar coated...haha! Would definitely recommend this class. You can tell how passionate you are about what you do. You are amazing and we're so glad we found out about your class."  - Chance and Jennifer, May 2016

"I learned so much and feel much more prepared for childbirth. The amount of information given exceeded my expectations for sure. I also appreciated how you presented the information in different ways (props, vignettes, hearing real birth stories) rather than just lecture. It was nice to be with other couples at a similar stage of pregnancy, too, to hear their questions." - Bailey, March 2016

"I enjoyed just learning what to expect and being able to openly discuss my concerns/hopes. I would feel better each night after we left. I was sad it was ending!! My husband and I learned so much!

- Myla, March 2016

"It was so informative. Before the class, I felt really overwhelmed. All the information we received has helped me feel really confident about my birth plan and choice of provider. I feel like both my partner and I have a better understanding about what to expect." - Megan, February 2016

"I appreciated the way you paired specific, scientific info about what happens to our bodies, hormones, emotions, etc during labor with details of your own experience and those of students from your previous classes. I feel like I now have a really good understanding of what happens during the different stages of labor. I also really enjoyed hearing from the couple with the 5-week-old who came to our class to share their experience. Thank you for a great class! I feel so much calmer about going into labor and have now moved on to preparing myself for the first days we'll be home with the baby. I also really look forward to you being my doula during the birth! " - Kim, January 2016

"My husband and I are so thankful for Jen and her class! We both left the class feeling much less afraid of the pain and process of childbirth and like we are far more equipped for childbirth. We both have a better grasp on our roles in labor and delivery. Seeing my husband participate in the class and take ownership of his role as my birth partner has been a joy and has given me more confidence and determination to follow-through with my goal of an unmedicated birth." - Julie, November 2015

"The best part of the class was connecting with my wife. I really enjoyed learning how I can be of service to her and make this process the best experience it can be for her and what she wants her birth goals to be. Education is always great when it opens up a better path for communication between us.
As someone who was unaware of the majority of the subject matter, I was pleased with everything that we covered. Taking notes certainly helped with this class and writing down important steps/actions that need to happen for birth goals. Loved every bit of class. Thank you, Jen, for a wonderful experience and helping Lindsay and I on our way to becoming parents. It was Awesometown and you were the Mayor!" - Jay, October 2015

"I actually enjoyed going to the class and spending my Monday evenings with the group. The space and the people all had nice energy. To the substance of the course, I most enjoyed learning different laboring positions. Since I practice yoga, I found some of these positions quite "homey," which helped me see the laboring experience as something with which I could relate. When I started the class, I was quite afraid of labor. By the end, I really have a sense that I can do this. Thanks for this wonderful class, Jen." - Maribel, October 2015

"Laid back, comfortable environment and instructor. Excellent class! No further suggestions." - Katlyn, September 2015

"There is not one thing about the class I didn't enjoy so choosing what I enjoyed most is difficult. Going in, admittedly, I knew embarrassingly little for an educated 31 year old that is pregnant! The atmosphere of the class allowed for any question without judgement and every topic was approachable. The level of comfort with Jen and the other expectant mothers and birth partners was so, so nice to have. I am actually so sad it is over!" - Julie, September 2015

"I am really grateful for the confidence and encouragement that the class provided to me and to Dave. I have found that there are so many people that, whether knowingly or unknowingly, judge and discourage first-time mothers about natural/un-medicated birth. It was wonderful to be in a group of like-minded people (both student and teacher) that help equip upcoming mothers with tools to support a natural birth. All of the information was helpful - but I found the education on the natural process, pain-management measures, and real-life experience (Jen's births and the visiting mother's story) to be particularly meaningful."               - Adrienne, August 2015

"When I first shared with my husband that I was interested in having a doula accompany us at our birth, he was unsure of the idea. We first met Jen at our birthing class and I felt an immediate connection with her as we are both social workers. After sitting down and chatting with her about the opportunity of her being our doula, my husband and I both felt at ease.  Jen's calming demeanor, patient spirit, and supportive attitude  were all reasons we asked her to join us at the birth of our first son.  
Jen went above and beyond our expectations.  She met with us in our home prior to the birth to discuss our birth goals and review birthing positions and massage techniques. 
She was able to provide support to both my husband and I during my 24 hours of active labor.  I felt comforted knowing she was by our side while laboring at home.  I knew she would let us know when it was time to go to the hospital.  She made sure everything was taken care of before we left our home. Jen rode with us in our car so that I could have her support through contractions and my husband could focus on driving safely.  She provided encouragement and advocated for me.  I was able to trust her judgement in walking to the birth floor versus riding in a wheel chair.  She believed in me and encouraged me during delivery-she even held one of my legs while pushing so that my husband could stay by my side and hold my hand.  Jen stayed with us until several hours after our son was born and came to visit once we were home to follow up.
My husband and I could not have labored at home as long as we did without the assistance of Jen. Her presence helped us both stay calm as we welcomed our first child into the world and created a birth experience we will never forget. We would highly recommend Jen for doula services-it is a decision you will not regret whether you are pregnant with your first child or your fourth." - Katie, July 2015

"Jen was wonderful and open and had great presence and receptivity. She's a natural." - Nadia, July 2015

"The interactive and hands-on approach to the content in this class was amazing, but it was Jen's warm, genuine and knowledgeable teaching style that was truly my favorite aspect about this class. She has a real talent to get people to open up and feel comfortable about voicing concerns, hopes and anxieties about the birthing process. I truly felt supported and safe to voice my lack of knowledge and vulnerable emotions about childbirth in the class and I think that is what I needed most in this journey. My husband and I also loved the relaxation technique of Dad standing behind and holding Mom's belly while swaying to "ease the load" We do it almost every day and it is amazing :)" - Jill, May 2015

"I felt nervous and unsure before starting the birth class as this is our first pregnancy. I feel this class equipped us with tools and decreased my anxieties level as I now feel more confident that I know what to expect and how to handle a natural labor." - Katie, March 2015

"What I enjoyed most about this class was how informative it was. I felt that it helped my husband and I to be as prepared as you can be as a first time parent. I was worried about how labor will be and felt that this class made things easier to digest about the entire labor and delivery process. I, also, really enjoyed how relaxed the class was making it comfortable to ask questions and discuss concerns". - Kelsey, January 2015

"We loved how open everyone was to sharing and asking questions. It truly made for a great learning experience. Jen is respectful of everyone's opinions and encourages learning so well! She did lots of different activities, taught labor positions, relaxation positions, etc. We loved it." - Kristi, December 2014

"The use of vignettes and real birth stories was very helpful. Being in the healthcare field, I knew a lot of the technical and scientific processes to childbirth but hearing each story and how each experience is different helped make it more real and personal. I truly felt the class was very balanced and educational. Because it was more of a natural approach to pregnancy/childbirth, that was mostly what the class focused on but Jen did go into depth about other birth options/scenarios to help fully educate and prepare people for any outcome."  - Michael, November 2014

"I enjoyed Jen's personality and relaxed style of teaching. There was so much good information, but she presented in a way that was not overwhelming. I felt very comfortable to ask questions and participate. Thank you so much for sharing what you have learned through your own life experiences and your training. Your class was just what I was hoping for to help give me that boost of confidence and to go into our birth experience feeling prepared and well informed!"    - Jill, October 2014

"It is tough to say what I enjoyed most - you were so open and no question was ever dismissed which I think helped us all feel comfortable asking crazy questions in front of each other. You also kept us moving and involved which helped break up the time."  - Katherine Ann, September 2014